PHP is popularly known as a preferred server-side scripting language in the world. It has evolved manifolds since the time its first inline code snippets appeared in static HTML files. Due to technological advancements, developers in IT companies in India now need to concentrate on building complex websites and apps which involve a lot of time. It is difficult to start each new task from scratch, for this reason, more structured and effective way of web development was formulated.  

Frameworks allow speed development of the websites by Web development companies in Ludhiana and provide reusable codes. Let us find out why we need PHP frameworks that are effective to streamline the process of website development.  

Laravel: Laravel is a new yet popular PHP framework released in 2011; it has a huge ecosystem with instant hosting and deployment platform. These features of this framework make rapid development possible. BLADE, which is Laravel’s light-weight templating engine, helps it in performing repetitive tasks such as authentication, sessions, caching, queuing and RESTful Routing.  

CodeIgniter: It is another light weight PHP framework which has a straightforward installation process and requires minimum configuration. This framework is an ideal choice for PHP developer because of the attractive features and functionalities it possesses. It can work effectively on shared and dedicated hosting platforms. CodeIgniter is not based on MVC development pattern strictly so third party plugins can be added to it for complicated functionalities.  

Symfony: Symfony 2 framework components are brought to use for many impressive projects. It has a large developer community and ardent fans. It is an adaptable, intense and versatile PHP framework for MVC application. It’s PHP libraries are reusable and complete various tasks such as form creation, routing, object configuration and templating.  

Yii 2: Choosing Yii 2 framework will boost your site’s performance because it is faster than other frameworks. This framework is object oriented and based on “don’t repeat yourself coding concept.”  

Zend:  It is a robust PHP framework which comes with many configuration options, and because of this it is preferred for complex projects. The current features of this framework include cryptographic coding tools, online debugging, PHP Unit testing tools and connected database wizard.  

Phalcon: It is yet another modern framework which is built for speed. Phalcon is a PHP extension written in C but is an MVC framework and offers modern features such as routing, view templates, controllers, query language, and caching.  

Slim: Slim is the choice for developing Restful APIs and services. The best thing about this framework is that you do not need to spend much time to learn it. It is an open source micro framework that supports flash messages, page templates, encrypted cookies and caching.  

FuelPHP: It is a flexible full-stack framework that supports MVC pattern as well as HMVC at the architecture level. FuelPHP also takes care of security concerns by offering input and URI filtering and output encoding.  

These are some of the PHP frameworks that you must be using for developing great websites. Well, if you want to know, how to get started with it, DigiMantra Labs, Ludhiana IT company is here to assist you. We work efficiently on your projects and promise to deliver the most excellent.