Travel and Hospitality solution

Today’s connected and empowered travelers view travel as a holistic experience, and so, they expect high quality, mobile experiences, and competitive pricing. While the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the flourishing industry the hardest, the flickering flame of travel remains. According to Schengen Visa Info, 95% of the respondents said they would consider travelling as soon as global travel restrictions are lifted, with 87% looking for a trip outside their country of residence.

Those in the travel landscape are scrambling to find effective solutions to cater to the changing customer demands. This can be achieved with the help of technology, in the form of custom-made travel and hospitality solutions.

Challenges in the travel landscape

  • Competitive landscape: With new players in the market, the competition is expected to go up. Aiding this change are digital technologies and the use of mobile app and big data which will transform the ecosystem.
  • Changing mindsets: The new-age traveler is tech savvy and increasingly depends on technology to research and select a particular brand. Consequently, a different approach needs to be adopted to effectively reach the customer.
  • Operating costs: The continuous rise in operating cost is a major concern for tourism industry. An efficient inventory management and resource utilization roadmaps are required to tackle this problem.

Why do we need such solutions?

  • Personalized experience: To deal with customer demands, the travel industry needs to craft value proposition that provides an outstanding, individualized experience.
  • Safety: Travel and safety are inter-connected. In the hospitality business, the traveler’s safety is paramount. Insecure customer details and improper management of data can severely hurt a travel business while changing the customer perception.
  • Convenience: An extraordinary travel experience can make sure that your customer comes back to you to avail your services again and again. Travel and hospitality solutions can provide enterprises with valuable insight and build services that work in this regard.

Emerging travel and hospitality solutions

  • Web & mobile booking systems: The biggest advantage of implementing a web and mobile booking system is that you can accept 24/7booking. Additionally, online rеѕеrvаtіоn ѕуѕtеmѕ can rеduсе wоrklоаdѕ for ѕtаff and орtіmіzе customer ѕеrvісе. This solution can cut out the middleman and help you escape from sharing your income with third parties.
  • Inventory management solutions: Effective inventory management involves both revenue management which is creating and managing demand and yield management or maximising returns. A transition to automated solutions can bring down the cost of these significantly. It will also improve accuracy as all the data is pulled in and kept together
  • Payment system integration: With this integrated option, hotels can charge a fee directly from the guests’ card that has been saved in the hotel system in an encrypted format. It not only saves time but helps businesses convert all payments in a convenient format.
  • Legacy modernization: This refers to the continued process of transforming Legacy Systems to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, enhance data consistency, enable collaboration across platforms and improve process flexibility.
  • Hotel CRM: Customer relationship management is the fuel for successful hotel marketing, enabling businesses to achieve profitable operations through deeper relationships with customers. Software for customer relationship management can be used to personalize a guest’s experience on the property. Another big benefit is reputation management to understand how guests perceive the property on the internet.
  • Property management systems: In the travel landscape, a project management software can facilitate administrative tasks with ease. The most important functions include front desk operations, reservations, channel management, and payment processing amongst others. With PMS, you can also manage housekeeping functions and human resource.
  • Cloud computing: In essence, cloud computing is the integration of Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Software-as-a-service (SaaS), and Logging as a service (LaaS). It can help hoteliers by bringing down the costs of energy, hardware, and operations. When your hardware is reduced, the electricity load is decreased, and by a significant margin. Furthermore, cloud computing will take care of data integrity and help businesses to keep critical information safe.

Tech trends to watch out for

Powering various travel and hospitality solutions, technology plays a pivotal role in the tourism sector. From helping businesses with day-to-day operations to improving customer experience, technological innovations are set to transform the landscape in the foreseeable future. Here are some trends that will dominate the ecosystem.

  • Voice search: While we are familiar with voice search and AI assistants on our smartphones and smart speakers, the same technology can be used within hotel rooms to control every aspect of the stay.
  • Virtual reality: Those in the travel sector can make use of VR tours to provide an immersive experience to customers. Virtual reality can also enable businesses to have a competitive edge over rivals.
  • 5G: The potential of what can be achieved by the tourism industry grows manifold with 5G networks. They promise faster loading speeds, wider coverage, and more stable connections. 5G can augment and accelerate the adoption of IoT as well.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI can automate many manual tasks for businesses in the travel industry. It can aid them in reducing costs of functional processes while increasing productivity in the long run.

All in all

In the often-changing travel landscape, enterprises need to rethink how they operate and what more can they do to make operational processes more seamless. With a focus on enhanced customer experience, travel and hospitality solutions offer a way forward. As one of the leading travel app development company, DigiMantra Labs is uniquely poised to cater to specific client requirements with our technology-focused solutions.