Have you ever been on Twitter and seen some accounts that have a blue check next to a name or handle? Those are what’s called a verified Twitter account.

A verified Twitter account is one that has been checked for authenticity, to show it may be in the public interest. It’s a several-step process that helps Twitter determine who you are and what you’re using Twitter for. Once verified, Twitter users can then have access to some analytics and a more covetable status.

Out of the total, there are not that many Twitter accounts that are verified—just a few hundred thousand out of millions. They range in nearly every industry—religion, journalism, business, music to name just a few. That number is expected to continue to grow, though, especially because Twitter recently made the process available for the general public.

Interested in what a verified Twitter account can do for you? This graphic helps explain the process.

verified twitter

Infographic by: SurePayroll