We provide the Canvas
to your Ideas

Before designing your website, we take a minute to do a holistic evaluation of the following factors that’ll form the basis of our design criteria:

  • The nature of your business
  • The needs of your target audience
  • The size and scope of your business
  • Your marketing initiatives and future marketing needs
  • Your product or service range

We then come up with a highly detail-oriented personalized web design that aligns 100% with your current and future business objectives. We use advanced web design technologies to transform your site to engage your customers via new-age marketing solutions.

Our Design Range

Apart from our technologically-advanced website design services, we also design the following:

Custom Templates Website Design

Custom templates based on your colors and needs

Logos, Flash Banners, Email Templates

Logos, Flash Banners, Email templates

Flash Website Design

Flash Websites

Custom Wordpress Themes

Custom WordPress Themes

Newletters Design


Blog Pages Design

Blog pages

Our Design Process

Our aim is to design a site or application that does exactly what you want it to do. We have set the following practices in place to this end:

  • We focus on making the functionality as user-friendly as possible to increase your site’s appeal
  • We know we can meet your needs only through extensive collaboration and constant one-on-one interaction. Our web designers go that extra mile to do the brain storming with you, and understand exactly what your needs are.
  • We make it a point to work in accordance with your budget and your timelines
  • We also make sure to keep you involved at every stage of the design and testing process. Your input at every stage is extremely valuable to us.

Technologies We Use

We use the latest technologies to design interactive web pages and other elements. Our end goal is to integrate design elements in such a way that they achieve a seamless flow of information minus distractions. Some of the technologies and methods we use are:

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design

Is there any point in having a great-looking and great-performing site if your mobile audience is not able to access it? Using responsive web design technologies such as advanced HTML and CSS, we can build a single site that will work on every mobile device and every screen size. This means you no longer need two different sites – one for mobiles and one for desktops.

W3C Compliant Web Standards

W3C-compliant Web

We use the latest versions of XTML, DHTML and CSS technologies to make your site interactive, functional and attractive. These technologies also ensure that your site can be viewed perfectly on all browsers. This obviously increases your site’s reach and spells good news for your business prospects.

Jquery Development

jQuery Sliders

Flash is old news – it’s all about jQuery now. You want a site that’s functional, interactive and at the same time, visually appealing. jQuery allows easy embedding of content and images into sliders that can be used as banners as well.

Cross Browser Testing

Cross-browser Testing

There’s no point in designing a site unless it’s thoroughly tested on all browsers and platforms. We spend a good amount of time thoroughly testing your site design on various browsers, both on desktops and mobiles.