twitter marketingAn unbelievable platform that lets you express yourself best within 140 characters is nothing else than “Twitter”. This application/web source has come a long way since July 2006 and here, you will find crisp and precisely stored/shared information. This social media pulls an immense audience through its incredible appeal, which has made it wonderful podium of marketing. Big brands and companies have been investing in gigantic numbers to pull themselves into twitter marketing.

As per a recent study done to know the most effective social networking site; the result was astounding as Twitter trended on the top, above all. It boasts of registering approximately 460,000 new accounts on the daily basis. On an average, 155 million tweets are recorded and trends are scattered all over the Internet and users.

You can follow people, celebrities, companies, music bands, and product pages effortlessly to get updates on your Twitter Line from them. This breaks the communication barriers and helps you in engaging in almost everything, really well.

This little blue birdie has more than what it looks like.

How to go viral through this world? “Viral” is the new marketing!

Yes, you can make anything go viral or, in short can make any topic trend. Twitter offers an amazing feature through which you can convert anything into a linked topic and get it promoted easily. This linked topic is constructed by simply adding “#” (hash- tag) before it. Let us take examples. Recently, Lufthansa Airlines sale went viral through the marketed hash-tag “#LufthansaSALE” and hash-tag “#TheOriginalSocialNetwork” was promoted for the Kingfisher brand.

This is nothing but a technological way to pull a lot of attention by showcasing your product or services or, business venture to the world. Promoted trends are always shown on the top and people can literally open that trend or, linked topic, can browse through other people’s tweets and interact with each other on such tags.
It is advisable to use a hash-tag (“#”) topic to launch and promote your company and business.

What is the return value of Twitter’s search feature?

If you search something or, any kind of topic on Twitter, it tends to return all the tweets relevant to it along with the people who have talked/ tweeted about it. You can go through the profiles of different people, can send them private message for further inquiry or, clarifications. This helps you in making social connections and spread your presence among everyone.

Get your Twitter page SEO approved

Digimantra Twitter

Yes, Twitter handles/pages are the most crawled ones by Google’s bots and crawlers to get good rankings. This means that if your company’s Twitter handle and page is well hyperlinked on your official website, you have a chance of topping Google’s search function. For example hyperlink can be put on the Twitter icon on the official website to get it noticed by the Google.

You can use multimedia things too

Yes, it is possible to Tweet an image, attach a link, videos and now recently updated, use GIFs to express what you really want to say. You do get pre-loaded categorized GIFs for your business.

This micro-blogging tool is very powerful to boost up sales and marketing power.

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