Helping Businesses Win With the Power of Innovation

Building groundbreaking solutions. Here's how we partnered with diverse industries to unlock their unique potential through custom-tailored innovation.

Bringing People Together with Playdates
Playdates help you in finding a companion for everything. It’s the easiest way to find new friends with similar interests.
Revolutionizing Car Care with Wash It Anywhere
The app that washes your cars and motorcycles at home. Where the users can book services to wash their vehicles at their home or any location like under the office, under the house or in front of the gym.
Barbarr TV
Empowering Young Minds with Interactive Education
An app that can make any child fall in love with learning. It provides super cool and engaging animated videos across diverse subjects and introduces your little one to the world around them.
Designing & Building Campaigns to Lead the Path in Medical & Diagnostic Space
TATA MD’s digital campaigns were focused on creating awareness about innovations in compact molecular and immuno-diagnostic platforms with an end-to-end condition management approach.
Empowering Self-discovery with Esoterra
The app uses astrology numerology and psychology as a synergy to answer your questions. Where users can ask questions to the team of experts & they answer to them based on astrology.
Expanding Access to Quality Oral Care Products through E-commerce
Boka is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing dental healthcare products. They are creating non-toxic, high-performing formulas that people can feel good about using.
Clear View
Simplifying Document Managment with Clearview
ClearView delivers document solutions that impact on your company’s bottom line. With the ClearView app, all the tools to handle your printer and copier needs without the headache are at your fingertips.
Tronk Design
Furniture Shopping from Showroom to E-Commerce
Tronk is a furniture company that prides itself on their unique designs, the quality of the materials used, as well as the craftsmanship.
Quota Games
Gamifying Sales Training for Lasting Results
Quota Games is a sales training app, that helps employees improve their skills and energizes them in a way that provides lasting results. It encourages them to complete the given task and rewards them with various incentives for their effort and involvement.
Web Project Builder
Empowering business with All-in-One Solution for Building Functional Admin Panels
Web Project Builder provides tools that offer easy solutions for the creation of functional admin panel and allows you to download the code with the database.
Adventure Run 3D
From Food Frenzy to Space Chase
A 3D endless running video game developed and published by our team, the primary theme of the adventure is of a character chasing exquisite food items to make the maximum points, however, the characters and theme vary between spin-offs
Space Ball 2050
From Concept to Cosmos
DigiMantra brings to you a brand-new action-spaced adventure game that can provide you with an interstellar experience. It’s engaging to play, and it literally glues you to the device for hours. Space Ball is basically an Endless Running, Action-Adventure and Platform video game.
Secure Voice Messaging Made Easy
Talkiespace is an instant audio chat app where you can send voice memos to friends. It provides end-to-end encryption to keep your voice memos safe.
Purple Eye
Delivering Health at the Doorstep
Purple Eye is an online cannabis delivery app. This healthcare app lets you order medicines from licensed dispensaries near you.
Turning Purchases into Prizes and Purpose
An app that allows you to win exciting prizes with every purchase by participating in campaigns. At the same time, you can donate products to get additional coupons.