Yes, go on, tell us. Would you? Or would you rather queue up to try out your chance at landing that elusive job at that prestigious big name firm what’s-its-name? Before you answer that question, check out what we have to say about the benefits of working at a startup.

Job At A Startup

You Can Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond

Yep – you heard us right. If you’ve ever gone fishing, you’ll know that game fish won’t be found in small lakes. Still, a simple trout looks really big when you fish it out of a small pond, yes? It’s a sort of psycho-optical illusion. You can be a mover and shaker in a smaller concern, no matter what your position is. It’s all up to you. Try doing that at a big-name firm. Go on, we dare you.

You Could Get Real Lucky At Times….

Long hours – chaotic environment – so many things out of place. Yeah, we hear you. Not much cash to splash around, we guess. Here’s the thing though – when startups offer perks, they really go all the way out. Check these out!

  • Eventbrite offers free chiropractor sessions, acupuncture sessions and, get this, weekly massages to its employees. What?
  • Some of the zaniest startups are actually offering infinite vacation time off, and sick days too, besides. Check these out – Thrillist, ZocDoc, Evernote, Foursquare and several others.
  • Tumblr actually pays transport charges when employees work late.
  • Uber, the car rental firm, offers unlimited free car service to its employees.
  • Best of all – the startup Asana actually offers its employees $10,000 to purchase computer equipment, plus free membership to yoga sessions!

You get the drift. You never know what kind of fabulous perks you could get at your next job, if you join a startup!

Leg-ups To Great Opportunities

Only in a startup can you dream of getting noticed by the powers-that-be. Play your cards right, and you could quickly scale up the organizational chart. It all depends on you, your talent, your hard work and your smartness.

So tell us now, and be honest. Wouldn’t you kill to work at a smart startup next?

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