Enhance Your Team’s Potential with Our Expert Team Augmentation Services

Our comprehensive team augmentation services address your workforce gap by seamlessly integrating highly skilled professionals into your team, addressing your specific needs and project demands. This tailored approach empowers you to bridge skill gaps, accelerate project delivery, minimize administrative burdens, and reduce costs and risks associated with recruitment.

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Why DigiMantra?

We integrate into existing team dynamics with ease

Instant Accessibility
Instant Accessibility
Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency
Quicker Resolution
Quicker Resolution
Simple Workflow
Simple Workflow
Tech Expertise
Tech Expertise
Continuous Support
Continuous Support

Our Offerings

Your Developers & Ours Integrated.

  • Front & Backend developers

    We offer access to skilled Front-End and Back-End Developers to build the user interface and core functionalities of your applications.

  • Product owners & managers

    Our team includes experienced Product Owners and Managers who define product vision, roadmap, and user stories, and oversee the entire development process.

  • DevOps and security engineers

    We provide DevOps and Security Engineers to ensure application security, reliability, and performance through their expertise in DevOps practices and security measures.

  • Automation & Manual QA

    We offer both Automation and Manual QA services to guarantee software quality through a combination of automated and manual testing strategies.

  • UI/UX designers

    Our team augmentation services include UI/UX Designers who create user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces for an intuitive user experience.

  • Technical support specialists

    We can add Technical Support Specialists to your team to provide technical assistance and troubleshooting for a smooth user experience with your software.

Our Roadmap for Smooth Software Development Journey 

  • Strategic Needs Assessment

    We collaborate to understand your unique needs and identify the perfect talent to complement your team.

  • Transparent Pricing & Seamless Contracting

    We offer clear pricing and a streamlined contracting process for a smooth partnership.

  • Customized Recruitment

    We source pre-vetted professionals with the right skills, experience, and cultural fit for your specific needs.

  • Kickoff & Onboarding

    We ensure smooth onboarding with introductions, briefings, and training for your dedicated team.

  • Build Outstanding Products

    We provide ongoing support and foster a collaborative environment to help you build outstanding products.

  • Sustained Talent Retention

    We offer engagement and growth opportunities for your augmented team, building a successful long-term partnership.

Powering Your Success with Robust Technologies 

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