UX V/S UI: 4 Big Differences Between UX And UI

Written by:DMLabs
Published on: Sep 18, 17
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User Interface (UI) is a series of screens, pages and other visual elements, such as icons and buttons that users use to interact with a device. UI designers in Website designing Ludhiana companies are concerned about how a product is laid out. They design each page with which a user interacts.

User Experience (UX) is the experience that a user gets when they interact with different aspects of a business’s products and services. UX designers are concerned with how the product feels; they explore several approaches to solving a user’s problem. UX designer’s responsibility is to ensure that the product flows logically from one step to the other.




UX and UI are different

  • The most common misconception you will hear almost everywhere is the wrong combination of UX and UI. In many cases, there is an expectation that a UI developer understands user experience by default. However, both the fields are different in nature, objectives, and scope. UI focuses on elements that interact with the user whereas user experience can be called as the reactor of a brand. User experience is the goal, as it is focused on the success as a whole.
  • A user interface is a tool that is used so that the users can have a great user experience. This is because the user interface is the most visible method, through which users can interact. It is the frontline, and this probably can be the best explanation as to why UX and UI are used interchangeably.
  • User experience is a broad field which is becoming popular day by day. These days, every company is focusing on developing products or providing services by understanding their users. User Interface is only for user interfaces, but this does not mean that it is limited to the graphical user interfaces of computers. You can see interfaces on other products as well; these are car dashboards, watches, washing machines and more.
  • We can say that UX helps users to accomplish meaningful tasks across different platforms whereas UI makes interfaces which are compelling and connect them with people. By now it should be clear that UX and UI both are critical to the success of a product. So, when businesses are building new projects, they must make certain that they thoroughly research UI and UX design aspect. Failing to do so will have design consequences as it will impact users and costs because if something looks appealing but is difficult to use, it is an example of great UI but poor UX.

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